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Welcome to my Topfield Applications "TAP" page.  The information on this page is provided free of charge and with no warranty.

INFplus window


INFplus provides additional programme information for your recordings and lets you quickly locate the programmes you want to watch.

When you include several consecutive programmes in the same recording, the PVR will only provide the details for one of those programmes. INFplus overcomes this limitation and provides details for all of the programmes that you recorded in a single recording file.

INFplus constantly checks for recordings in progress. When a new recording is found, INFplus looks up the EPG and stores the EPG information for that channel. Whenever a programme changes, INFplus looks up the EPG again and stores the information for the new programme. Repeating this process until the recording stops, INFplus stores the EPG information for all of the programmes that you've recorded.

When it comes time to play back one of these recordings, INFplus will intercept the "Info" key and display a list of all of the programmes that your recording contains. You can view the details for each programme and even jump to near the start of the one you want to watch. 

If you are using TMSArchive as your file manager, simply upgrade to version 4.6a and you will be able to view all of the programmes within your recording file before you start playback. You can even jump to near the start of a programme from TMSArchive too.

If you use iBox v1.9 or higher, INFplus can replace the standard information window within iBox for recordings made using INFplus. You will get all the benefits of the enhanced information screen that iBox provides together with the additional programme information that INFplus has saved.

If you need to archive your recordings onto external media, INFplus can be used to attach the additional programme information to your recordings before they are archived. This will allow you to view the additional programme information when playing a recording from external media or if a recording is restored from external media back onto the PVR.

Finally, if you are using WebControl, there is a module that will display the additional programme information stored by INFplus when you click on the "Info" icon in the files list.

INFplus configuration settings can be changed by activating INFplus using TMSCommander or pressing the "Menu" button when the INFplus screen is visible.

Documentation for version 1.2 can be found here.

INFplus Versions

1.2a (Current Release)
  • Fix jump at beginning of playback.
  • Dutch translation (Thanks Roger-DTL-Stijfs)
1.2 (Beta 7)
  • Add logo support.
  • Fix issue with SmartEPG Clock.
  • Fix to prevent overlapping EPG events from forming gaps.
  • Additional logging detailing logo selection.
  • Use Channel ID to get the logo.
  • Use channel name from INF to get the logo if the Channel ID fails.
  • Select TransBlack or 3PG logo styles.
1.1c (Evaluation Release)
  • Process 0x8A as a CR/LF.
Version 1.1a
  • Prevent crash when EPG description contains a single '&'.
  • Fix display bugs when programme description contains multiple CR or LF sequences (again).

Version 1.1

  • Ability to automatically "Prepare for Archive" when a recording stops.
  • Ability to hide the thumbnail images.
  • Increase stability unloading/reloading TAP.
  • Interoperability with TMA1.
  • Convert HTML entities (eg: "&", "é", etc) contained within programme descriptions into characters.
  • Fix display bugs when programme description contains multiple CR or LF sequences.
  • Fix interaction with TMSRemote when using keyboard shortcuts to exit INFplus.

1.0 Beta 1 (Original public version)

  • Original version


TMSTimer was written by JaffaMan and I have added some extra functionality.

This TAP is a replacement Reservations / Timers display for TMS machines.

In use, it simply displays all the timers, but it is able to sort them by time, name and service, and to filter them to show all, record only, or play/watch only.

It also improves on the default reservation listing by giving you one key access to the timer list, and by showing files with the program names always (even if the built-in reservation list shows a timer with service name instead).

Original features:

  • configurable display 10, 15 or 20 timers per page, with variable fonts
  • configurable time and date formats
  • will display timers in Sentence Case
  • can automatically strip non-PC friendly characters like :*/ out of names
  • can display today's timers and tomorrow's timers in different colours to other timers
  • can edit, delete and let you manually create new timers, including copying an existing one as a start
  • can export and import timers - useful for backing them up before doing a factory reset
  • supports display of service logos - these are jpg logos, and any valid jpeg can do. Default size is 60*38. Many .qtl logos have been converted to jpg to suit
  • can be configured to call other TAPs or other firmware functions on exit
  • will display timers even when the toppy is playing back a recording

Additional features:

  • ability to customise the columns to be displayed in the timer window
  • ability to consolidate the timer display from more than one Topfield PVR
  • ability to edit timers graphically using a "mini-EPG" view
  • ability to create and edit analogue timers on PVRs supporting that function
  • keyboard integration with TMSRemote when renaming timers
  • fix timers where the start time + duration does not equal the end time
  • search additional logo locations and names

It defaults to activation by the Recall key (looks like a curved arrow), but this can be reconfigured. It is also fully integrated into TMSCommander, allowing TMSCommander to both activate and stop it.

Version 4.26g was created for the Australian 53xx series.

Test version v4.26e can be found here.

The latest version (v4.26b) can be found here.

Version 4.24 can be found here.

Documentation for the additional features can be found here.

WebControl Sample Screens

WebControl is a system to manage your Topfield PVR using any device with web browser functionality such as a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone.

With WebControl, you can perform the following functions:

  • List and change channels;
  • List, create, edit and delete timer reservations;
  • List, play, rename, move, delete and get programme information for your recordings;
  • Browse the EPG events and create, edit and delete timer reservations directly from the EPG screen;
  • Issue remote control commands and view the on screen display.

The browser interface is highly customisable.

  • Menu tabs can be re-ordered.
  • Font sizes can be changed.
  • Any page displayed as a table can have the order of columns changed and unwanted columns hidden.  Tables can also be sorted in column order.
  • Channel display can be restricted to a favourites group, modified to display channel name, or the logo or both as well as the number of channels across the page.

WebControl is also designed to be open and expandable.  Other TAPs can be modified to accept commands from WebControl and return data to the web browser.  New browser modules can also be created to add or change the functionality of the user display.  For example, INFplus has already been modified to provide extended EPG information to WebControl for recordings made with INFplus.

Detailed setup instructions can be downloaded from here: English / Deutsch (Setup-Anweisungen) / Nederlands (Setup Instructies).

WebControl replaces the proof-of-concept project called TMA1.

WebControl is available from TAP2Date or from here.

A self-installing TAP with instructions for installation from a USB drive can be found here.

I have made a few logos for WebControl.  Most of them are for Sydney and regional NSW, but some can be simply renamed for use in other cities.

A full set of logos can be found here. (Updated 7 May 2016)

Documentation for the API protocol and JSON responses can be found here.

TMSServer is a TAP to control various Linux services.  This is done by executing all of the "control" scripts at startup in alphabetical order.  When TMSServer is stopped (or the PVR shuts down), it will execute all of the "shutdown" scripts in alphabetical order.

TMSServer is based on a similar concept used in Script.tap by srupprecht & xyzzyx that ran a single start and stop script.

Individual servers to be started, stopped or bypassed using an on screen menu.  The only way to access this menu is via TMSCommander.

TMSServer is distributed with a number of standard scripts as well as the unfsd server, but can be modified as needs require.

TMSServer can be used to start the new unfsd NFS server and as a replacement for the following TAPs: 

  • StartFTPd.tap (not enabled by default)

  • KMTelnet.tap

  • TMSTelnetd.tap

The NFS server automatically shares the following directories: /DataFiles, /MediaFiles, /PhotoFiles and /MP3Files.  All shared are read-write by default but can be changed by modifying the "export file".

TMSClient allows a PVR to connect to another PVR running TMSServer and play recordings and other media stored from that device.  TMSClient can automatically learn about other PVRs that are using TMSServer and attach to them immediately.

If a PVR running TMSServer is also running TMSRemote (v4.1 or higher), then a PVR running TMSClient can take control of the server's GUI and operate the PVR remotely for tasks like reading the EPG and setting recording reservations.

To control the OSD of another PVR running TMSServer.  Activate TMSClient via the TMSCommander menu.  Locate the PVR that you want to control and press the yellow button.  To exit a remote control session, press the "Mute" button.

It does not matter if the client and server have different remote control types, TMSClient learns the remote control type of the server from TMSServer and ensures that the client's remote control codes are translated to the server's remote control codes before sending them.

A PVR can run both TMSServer and TMSClient at the same time.  This means that both PVRs can share recordings and control each others GUI.

These TAPs are still in the development stage and are run at your own risk.

TMSServer v1.0 can be downloaded from here.

TMSServer v1.1 can be downloaded from here.

TMSServer v1.20-Dev3 and TMSClient v1.00-Dev3 can be downloaded from here.

I have been working on compiling a version of unfsd that will work on the PVR.

You can download a test version from here.

Use this command on the server PVR:

unfsd -s -p -e /mnt/hd/ProgramFiles/exports -n 2049 -m 645

Use this command on the client PVR:

busybox mount -w -o rw,nolock,vers=3,port=2049,mountport=645 -t nfs <SERVER_IP>:/mnt/hd/DataFiles/  /mnt/hd/DataFiles/<DIRECTORY>/

(Remember to create the <DIRECTORY> that you want first!)

DSTConfig screen

DSTConfig is a TAP to edit DST.ini for use with SmartEPG, INFplus, TMSTimer & TMA1 so that time zones are calculated correctly around a daylight saving transition.

Download version 0.04 from here.

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